Oak Framed Houses

Oak Framed Houses Built To Your Design

Peak Oak Frames have been building bespoke oak framed houses since we began back in 2012. From traditional to contemporary building styles, we construct timber frame houses to your brief.

With a history dating back centuries in the UK, oak framed houses have been growing in popularity in recent years. Visually stunning, lasting for decades, and low in their environmental impact, the appeal of timber framing is clear.

Our experienced carpenters have worked on a huge range of projects, from Cathedrals to state-of-the-art contemporary engineering projects. We’ll bring our wealth of knowledge to your project, so you can be sure your oak framed house is in safe hands.

Bespoke Timber Frame House Construction

Whether you have a detailed design in mind, or require us to provide the inspiration, our goal is to turn your vision into a reality. All of our timber frame house projects are 100% bespoke, and built around your needs.

Peak Oak Frames are FSC certified, so you can be sure that the timber that we use on your house comes from sustainable sources. We can also work with natural building materials if that’s suitable for your project.

Timber Framed House Prices

Every project we work on is bespoke so there is no flat-rate for a timber framed house. Get in touch with us today to discuss your brief and we will get back to you with a detailed quote for your project as soon as we can.

oak framed house

Bring Your Vision To Life With Peak Oak Frames

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